Carbonate properties and oxygen concentrations at time series station DYFAMED, supplement to: Copin-Montégut, Claire; Bégovic, Miléna (2002): Distributions of carbonate properties and oxygen along the water column (0–2000 m) in the central part of the NW Mediterranean Sea (Dyfamed site): influence of winter vertical mixing on air–sea CO2 and O2 exchanges. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 49(11), 2049-2066

Claire Copin-Montégut & Miléna Bégovic
Monthly measurements of pH, alkalinity and oxygen over two years (February 1998-February 2000) at the Dyfamed site in the central zone of the Ligurian–Provençal Basin of the Mediterranean made it possible to assess the vertical distributions (5-2000 m) and the seasonal variations of these properties. Alkalinity varies linearly with salinity between surface water and the Levantine Intermediate Water (marked by a maximum of temperature and salinity). In deep water, total alkalinity is also correlated linearly...
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