Trace-metal fluxes of the atmosphere and at DYFAMED sediment traps, supplement to: Migon, Christophe; Sandroni, Valérie; Marty, Jean-Claude; Gasser, Beate; Miquel, Juan-Carlos (2002): Transfer of atmospheric matter through the euphotic layer in the northwestern Mediterranean: seasonal pattern and driving forces. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 49(11), 2125-2141

Christophe Migon, Valérie Sandroni, Jean-Claude Marty, Beate Gasser & Juan-Carlos Miquel
The transfer of atmospheric particulate matter through the surface marine layer was studied by comparing atmospheric and marine fluxes. Time series were obtained from the coupling of a coastal atmospheric sampling station (Cap Ferrat, French Riviera) and a marine sampling site (DYFAMED site, central Ligurian Sea). Liquid phase traps were used for measuring total atmospheric fluxes and sediment traps deployed at 200 m depth for measuring marine fluxes. Fluxes of mass, aluminium, and soluble anthropogenic...
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