Nd concentrations and isotopic composition in the western Mediterranean Sea, supplement to: Henry, F; Jeandel, Catherine; Dupré, Bernard; Minster, Jean-Francois (1994): Particulate and dissolved Nd in the western Mediterranean Sea: Sources, fate and budget. Marine Chemistry, 45(4), 283-305

F Henry, Catherine Jeandel, Bernard Dupré & Jean-Francois Minster
The concentration and isotopic composition of Nd in water and particles collected in the western Mediterranean Sea are studied by two complementary approaches. The first examines local vertical profiles and time series; the second considers the global Nd budget of the whole western Mediterranean Sea. These two approaches are used to quantify the Nd inputs and the dissolved/particulate exchange processes in the water column.Two profiles of Nd in seawater in the Ligurian Sea taken in...
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