Plutonium and americium concentrations in sea water and in sinking particles, supplement to: Fowler, Scott W; Noshkin, V E; La Rosa, J; Gastaud, J (2000): Temporal variations in plutonium and americium inventories and their relation to vertical transport in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. Limnology and Oceanography, 45(2), 446-458

Scott W Fowler, V E Noshkin, J La Rosa & J Gastaud
Vertical fluxes of 239+240Pu and 241Am and temporal changes in their inventories in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea have been examined through high-resolution water column sampling coupled with direct measurements of the vertical flux of particle-bound transuranics using time-series sediment traps. Water column profiles of both radionuclides showed well-defined sub-surface maxima (2391240Pu between 100-400 m; 241Am at 100-200 m and 800 m), the depths of which are a result of the different biogeochemical scavenging behavior of...
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