Quantitative silicoflagellate data from the southern Indic Ocean from ODP Holes 188-1165B, 120-748B and 120-751A, supplement to: Whitehead, Jason M; Bohaty, Steven M (2003): Pliocene summer sea surface temperature reconstruction using silicoflagellates from Southern Ocean ODP Site 1165. Paleoceanography, 18(3), 1075

Jason M Whitehead & Steven M Bohaty
In the modern marine environment the silicoflagellate genus Dictyocha is rare, or absent, south of the Antarctic polar front (APF); the genus Distephanus, in contrast, is dominant. In sediments recovered from ODP Site 1165, 1600 km south of the front, however, three intervals where Dictyocha is abundant are interpreted to represent Pliocene warm events. Comparison of our data with Ciesielski and Weaver's [1974] modern core top silicoflagellate relationship with sea surface temperature (SST) indicates that...
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