Atmospheric and seawater carbon dioxide at time series station DYFAMED, supplement to: Hood, E Maria; Merlivat, Liliane (2001): Annual to interannual variations of fCO2 in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea: Results from hourly measurements made by CARIOCA buoys, 1995-1997. Journal of Marine Research, 59(1), 113-131

E Maria Hood & Liliane Merlivat
A time series of fCO2, SST, and fluorescence data was collected between 1995 and 1997 by a CARIOCA buoy moored at the DyFAMed station (Dynamique des Flux Atmospheriques en Mediterranée) located in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea. On seasonal timescales, the spring phytoplankton bloom decreases the surface water fCO2 to approximately 290 µatm, followed by summer heating and a strong increase in fCO2 to a maximum of approximately 510 µatm. While the DELTA fCO2 shows strong...
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