Particulate organic carbon and nitrogen concentrations and fluxes at time series station DYNAPROC, supplement to: Goutx, Madeleine; Momzikoff, André; Striby, L; Andersen, Valérie; Marty, Jean-Claude; Vescovali, Isabelle (2000): High-frequency fluxes of labile compounds in the central Ligurian Sea, northwestern Mediterranean. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers, 47(3), 533-556

Madeleine Goutx, André Momzikoff, L Striby, Valérie Andersen, Jean-Claude Marty & Isabelle Vescovali
Sinking particles were collected every 4 h with drifting sediment traps deployed at 200 m depth in May 1995 in a 1-D vertical system during the DYNAPROC observations in the northwestern Mediterranean sea. POC, proteins, glucosamine and lipid classes were used as indicators of the intensity and quality of the particle flux. The roles of day/night cycle and wind on the particle flux were examined. The transient regime of production from late spring bloom to...
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