The C37 alkenone record of sea water of time series station DYNAPROC, supplement to: Bentaleb, Ilhem; Grimalt, Joan O; Vidussi, Francesca; Marty, Jean-Claude; Martin, Valérie; Denis, Michel; Hatté, C; Fontugne, Michel R (1999): The C37 alkenone record of seawater temperature during seasonal thermocline stratification. Marine Chemistry, 64(4), 301-313

Ilhem Bentaleb, Joan O Grimalt, Francesca Vidussi, Jean-Claude Marty, Valérie Martin, Michel Denis, C Hatté & Michel R Fontugne
The concentrations of suspended particulate pigments, C37-C38 alkenones, total organic carbon and nitrogen in the Ligurian Sea (northwestern Mediterranean) have been studied at 5 and 30 m depth during well defined thermocline conditions. An accurate description of the short term changes of these compounds has been achieved by means of four 36-h sampling cycles each encompassing consecutive filtration periods of 4 h. During sampling the thermocline changes were followed closely by simultaneous measurements of water...
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