Pollen ages and depths in ODP Site 184-1144, supplement to: Sun, Xiangjun; Luo, Yunli; Huang, Fei; Tian, Jun; Wang, Pinxian (2003): Deep-sea pollen from the South China Sea: Pleistocene indicators of East Asian monsoon. Marine Geology, 201(1-3), 97-118

Xiangjun Sun, Yunli Luo, Fei Huang, Jun Tian & Pinxian Wang
A high-resolution pollen record (sampling interval averages 820 years) has been obtained from ODP Site 1144 (water depth 2037 m), northern South China Sea. The 504-m sequence (in composition length) covers the last 1.03 million years according to micropaleontological and isotopic stratigraphy. The pollen assemblages are characterized by high proportions of Pinus and herb pollen, and by their frequent alternations. Based on these alternations, 29 pollen zones have been recognized that are closely correlated to...
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