Pollen profile LAGODEH, Lagodekhi, Georgia, supplement to: Kvavadze, Eliso V; Efremov, Yurii Y (1990): The results of palynogical studies of the Holocene deposites in the highlands of the Lagodekhi Reservation (Eastern Georgia). Bulletin of the Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR, 139(3), 641-644

Eliso V Kvavadze & Yurii Y Efremov
Limno-glacial deposits 110 cm in thickness in the upper alpine belt have been investigated. It is established that during the Yuanakhchiri period of glaciation in the region under study a glacial cirque was situated at an altitude of 2750 m a.s.l. After the glacier retreated, a lake was formed in its bed which existed till the second noticeable cooling in the second half of SA2 (1600-1500 years ago).
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