Pollen profile LUGAN, Luganskoe, Russia, supplement to: Efremov, Yurii Y; Kvavadze, Eliso V (1995): History of lakes of mountain range of Northern Asia. Ch. 1 Caucasus. In: Davydova, NN; Martinson, GG & Sevastjanov, D V (eds.) The History of Lakes of Northern Asia. Nauka Publishers, Sankt-Petersburg, 1-287

Yurii Y Efremov & Eliso V Kvavadze
Kvavadze et al. 1994: Palynological studies of the deposits of the Luganski bog situated at an altitutde of 2428 m have shown that glacial lakes repeatedly emerged there during the Holocene. They used to exist for rather a long time during the Atlantic. More shortterm lake basins reappeared at the very end of the Subboreal period and during the climatic optimums 1000 BP and 400-500 BP.
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