Zooplankton in the equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Le Borgne, Robert; Rodier, Martine (1997): Net zooplankton and the biological pump: a comparison between the oligotrophic and mesotrophic equatorial Pacific. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 44(9-10), 2003-2023

Robert Le Borgne & Martine Rodier
Structure and functioning of the zooplankton community and their consequences on the export fluxes of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus were studied in two contrasting systems of the equatorial Pacific: the oligotrophic TTS (Typical Tropical Structure) to the west, and the mesotrophic HNLC (High Nutrient-Low Chlorophyll) in the central Pacific. Data were collected during the FLUPAC cruise equatorial transect (September-October 1994) of R.V.L'Atalante and four 6–8-day long time-series stations made between 165°E and 150°W. Along the...
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