Primary production of carbon in the equatorial uowelling, supplement to: Le Borgne, Robert; Rodier, Martine; Le Bouteiller, Aubert; Murray, James W (1999): Zonal variability of plankton and particle export flux in the equatorial Pacific upwelling between 165°E and 150°W. Oceanologica Acta, 22(1), 57-66

Robert Le Borgne, Martine Rodier, Aubert Le Bouteiller & James W Murray
Observations made during a "La Niña" situation (April-May 1996) in the equatorial Pacific upwelling, between 165° E and 150° W, show the classic deepening of hydrological isolines from east to west, resulting in zonal gradients for surface temperature and macronutrients. However, contrasting with such a gradient, no clear zonal variation could be seen for integrated planktonic biomasses and carbon fluxes, namely: chlorophyll a, bacterial abundances, particulate organic phosphorus, mesozooplankton ash-free dry weight, primary production, and...
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