Neodymium isotopic ratios and clay mineral composition from ODP Hole 1147A and Site 184-1148, supplement to: Clift, Peter D; Lee, Jae Il; Clark, M K; Blusztajn, Jerzy S (2002): Erosional response of South China to arc rifting and monsoonal strengthening; a record from the South China Sea. Marine Geology, 184(3-4), 207-226

Peter D Clift, Jae Il Lee, M K Clark & Jerzy S Blusztajn
Ocean Drilling Program sampling of the distal passive margin of South China at Sites 1147 and 1148 has yielded clay-rich hemipelagic sediments dating to 32 Ma (Oligocene), just prior to the onset of seafloor spreading in the South China Sea. The location of the drill sites offshore the Pearl River suggests that this river, or its predecessor, may have been the source of the sediment in the basin, which accounts for only not, vert, similar...
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