Plankton abundances in water samples of cruise EBENE, supplement to: Le Borgne, Robert; Landry, Michael R (2003): EBENE: A JGOFS investigation of plankton variability and trophic interactions in the equatorial Pacific (180°). Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 108(C12), 8136

Robert Le Borgne & Michael R Landry
The Etude du Broutage en Zone Equatoriale (EBENE) transect (8°S–8°N) explored the equatorial high-nutrient, low-chlorophyll (HNLC) zone and adjacent oligotrophic areas during a La Niña period (October–November 1996). During this time the passage of a tropical instability wave also influenced the region north of the equator. We present a brief summary of EBENE findings, with an emphasis on phytoplankton utilization by the assemblage of protistan and animal consumers. Despite significant variability over the diel cycle,...
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