Primary production in the equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Le Bouteiller, Aubert; Landry, Michael R; Le Borgne, Robert; Neveux, Jacques; Rodier, Martine; Blanchot, Jean; Brown, Susan L (2003): Primary production, new production, and growth rate in the equatorial Pacific: Changes from mesotrophic to oligotrophic regime. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 108(C12), 8141

Aubert Le Bouteiller, Michael R Landry, Robert Le Borgne, Jacques Neveux, Martine Rodier, Jean Blanchot & Susan L Brown
Under an apparent monotony characterized by low phytoplankton biomass and production, the Pacific equatorial system may hide great latitudinal differences in plankton dynamics. On the basis of 13 experiments conducted along the 180° meridian (8°S-8°N) from upwelled to oligotrophic waters, primary production was strongly correlated to chlorophyll a (chl a), and the productivity index PI (chl a-normalized production rate) varied independently of macronutrient concentrations. Rates of total (14C uptake) and new (15N-NO3 uptake) primary production...
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