Nutrients at time series station KERFIX, supplement to: Jeandel, Catherine; Ruiz-Pino, Diana; Gjata, Elvis; Poisson, Alain; Brunet, Christian; Charriaud, Edwige; Dehairs, Frank; Delille, Daniel; Fiala, Michel; Fravalo, Charles; Miquel, Juan-Carlos; Park, Young-Hyang; Pondaven, Philippe; Quéguiner, Bernard; Razouls, Suzanne; Shauer, Bernard; Tréguer, Paul (1998): KERFIX, a time-series station in the Southern Ocean: a presentation. Journal of Marine Systems, 17(1-4), 555-569

Catherine Jeandel, Diana Ruiz-Pino, Elvis Gjata, Alain Poisson, Christian Brunet, Edwige Charriaud, Frank Dehairs, Daniel Delille, Michel Fiala, Charles Fravalo, Juan-Carlos Miquel, Young-Hyang Park, Philippe Pondaven, Bernard Quéguiner, Suzanne Razouls, Bernard Shauer & Paul Tréguer
Between January 1990 and March 1995, the research project KERFIX undertook the first regular noncoastal multiyear acquisition of parameters related to the carbon cycle in the Southern Ocean at a time series station located at 50°40' S-68°25' E, 60 miles southwest of the Kerguelen Islands. The objectives of KERFIX are (1) to monitor the ocean/atmosphere CO2 and O2 exchanges and to understand which processes govern these exchanges (2) to observe and interpret the seasonal and...
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