Beryllium isotopes of sediments from the Portuguese margin, supplement to: Carcaillet, Julien; Bourlès, Didier L; Thouveny, Nicolas; Arnold, Maurice (2004): A high resolution authigenic 10Be/9Be record of geomagnetic moment variations over the last 300 ka from sedimentary cores of the Portuguese margin. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 219(3-4), 397-412

Julien Carcaillet, Didier L Bourlès, Nicolas Thouveny & Maurice Arnold
A high resolution study of authigenic Be isotopes (10Be and 9Be) combined with continuous relative paleointensity records has been performed along the same marine sedimentary sequences from the Portuguese margin (NE Atlantic) covering the past 300 kyr in order to assess relationships between geomagnetic moment variations and 10Be production rate variations. A careful examination of the various ways of taking into account environmental disturbing effects on the authigenic 10Be concentration leads to the conclusion that...
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