Mg/Ca and δ¹⁸O measurements of planktonic foraminifera from Sargasso Sea, supplement to: Anand, Pallavi; Elderfield, Henry; Conte, Maureen H (2003): Calibration of Mg/Ca thermometry in planktonic foraminifera from a sediment trap time series. Paleoceanography, 18(2), 1050

Pallavi Anand, Henry Elderfield & Maureen H Conte
Paired Mg/Ca and d18O measurements on planktonic foraminiferal species (G. ruber white, G. ruber pink, G. sacculifer, G. conglobatus, G. aequilateralis, O. universa, N. dutertrei, P. obliquiloculata, G. inflata, G. truncatulinoides, G. hirsuta, and G. crassaformis) from a 6-year sediment trap time series in the Sargasso Sea were used to define the sensitivity of foraminiferal Mg/Ca to calcification temperature. Habitat depths and calcification temperatures were estimated from comparison of d18O of foraminifera with equilibrium calcite,...
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