Sediment composition of the Central Arctic Ocean, supplement to: Spielhagen, Robert F; Baumann, Karl-Heinz; Erlenkeuser, Helmut; Nowaczyk, Norbert R; Nørgaard-Pedersen, Niels; Vogt, Christoph; Weiel, Dominik (2004): Arctic Ocean deep-sea record of Northern Eurasian ice sheet history. Quaternary Science Reviews, 23(11-13), 1455-1483

Robert F Spielhagen, Karl-Heinz Baumann, Helmut Erlenkeuser, Norbert R Nowaczyk, Niels Nørgaard-Pedersen, Christoph Vogt & Dominik Weiel
The sediment composition of deep-sea cores from the central Arctic Ocean, the Fram Strait, and the Yermak Plateau was analyzed for several parameters to reconstruct the history of marine paleoenvironment and terrestrial glaciation in the last 200,000 years. Layers with high amounts of coarse, terrigenous ice-rafted debris (IRD) and often high contents of smectite were deposited during extensive glaciations in northern Eurasia, when ice sheets reached the northern continental margins of the Barents and Kara...
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