Age determination of sediment cores of the Golf of Lions, supplement to: Beaudouin, Célia; Dennielou, Bernard; Melki, Tarek; Guichard, Francois; Kallel, Nejib; Berné, Serge; Huchon, Agnes (2004): The Late-Quaternary climatic signal recorded in a deep-sea turbiditic levee (Rhône Neofan, Gulf of Lions, NW Mediterranean): palynological constraints. Sedimentary Geology, 172, 85-97

Célia Beaudouin, Bernard Dennielou, Tarek Melki, Francois Guichard, Nejib Kallel, Serge Berné & Agnes Huchon
Siliciclastic turbidites represent huge volumes of sediments, which are of particular significance for (1) petroleum researchers, interested in their potential as oil reservoirs and (2) sedimentologists, who aim at understanding sediment transport processes from continent to deep-basins. An important challenge when studying marine turbidites has been to establish a reliable chronology for the deposits. Indeed, conventional marine proxies applied to hemipelagic sediments are often unreliable in detrital clays. In siliciclastic turbidites, those proxies can be...
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