(Table 1) Presence of sublittoral macroalgae in the investigated profiles in Potter Cove, King George Island, Antarctica, supplement to: Klöser, Heinz; Quartino, Maria Liliana; Wiencke, Christian (1996): Distribution of macroalgae and macroalgal communities in gradients of physical conditions in Potter Cove, King George Island, Antarctica. Hydrobiologia, 333(1), 1-17

Heinz Klöser, Maria Liliana Quartino & Christian Wiencke
The vegetation of a small fjord and its adjacent open shore was documented by subaquatic video. The distribution of individual species of macroalgae and the composition of assemblages were compared with gradients of light availability, hydrography, slope inclination, substratum, and exposition to turbulence and ice. The sublittoral fringe is usually abraded by winterly ice floes and devoid of large, perennial algae. Below this zone, the upper sublittoral is dominated by Desmarestia menziesii on steep rock...
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