Sediment wave layer summary in ODP Site 172-1062, supplement to: Flood, Roger D; Giosan, Liviu (2002): Migration history of a fine-grained abyssal sediment wave on the Bahama Outer Ridge. Marine Geology, 192(1-3), 259-273

Roger D Flood & Liviu Giosan
Abyssal mud waves (or fine-grained sediment waves) are often cited as evidence for deep current activity because subbottom profiles show that the wave form has migrated with time. The migration history of a fine-grained sediment wave on the Blake-Bahama Outer Ridge (ODP Site 1062) has been studied through the analysis of multiple ODP holes spaced across the wave. Additional information about wave migration patterns comes from 3.5-kHz records and watergun seismic profiles. These data suggest...
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