Isotope measurements from late Paleocene - early Eocene of 5 cores from Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, supplement to: Cramer, Benjamin S; Wright, James D; Kent, Dennis V; Aubry, Marie-Pierre (2003): Orbital climate forcing of d13C excursions in the late Paleocene-early Eocene (chrons C24n–C25n). Paleoceanography, 18(4), 1097

Benjamin S Cramer, James D Wright, Dennis V Kent & Marie-Pierre Aubry
High-resolution stable carbon isotope records for upper Paleocene - lower Eocene sections at Ocean Drilling Program Sites 1051 and 690 and Deep Sea Drilling Project Sites 550 and 577 show numerous rapid (40 - 60 kyr duration) negative excursions of up to 1 per mill. We demonstrate that these transient decreases are the expected result of nonlinear insolation forcing of the carbon cycle in the context of a long carbon residence time. The transients occur...
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