Composition of rocks, minerals, water, and gases from uplift areas of the Central Atlantic, supplement to: Bebeshev, Ivan I; Zolotarev, Boris P; Eroshchev-Shak, Vadim A; et al. (1989): Volcanic Uplifts and Deep-Sea Sediments in the Eastern Central Atlantic. Geological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Transactions, vol. 436. Moscow, Nauke Publ. (P.P. Timofeev, Ed.), 247 pp

V I Dvorov, Igor M Varentsov, Boris P Zolotarev & Vadim A Eroshchev-Shak
Original geological, geophysical, lithological, mineralogical data on uplifts of the Central Atlantic are given in the book based on materials of Cruise 1 of the R/V Akademik Nikolaj Strakhov. Geological and geophysical studies include description of the obtained material and analysis of structural and morphological elements of the ocean floor. Results of lithological, petrochemical and geochemical studies were extremely innovative and develop a conceptual model. The latter include studies of petrochemical evolution of tholeiitic alkaline...
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