Composition of sediments and cores from DSDP Legs 54 and 61-63, supplement to: Timofeev, Pyotr P; Rateev, Mikhail A; Renngarten, N V; Bogolyubova, L I; Varentsov, Igor M; Grechin, V I; Koporulin, V I; Zolotarev, Boris P; Eremeev, V V (1983): Problemy litologii Mirovogo okeana. Litologiya i geokhimiya Tikhogo okeana (Problems of Lithology of the World Ocean: Lithology and Geochemistry of the Pacific Ocean). Geological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Transactions, vol. 387. Nauka Publ. (Moscow); Timofeev, P.P. (Ed.), 218 pp

V I Grechin, Pyotr P Timofeev, Mikhail A Rateev, N V Renngarten, V I Koporulin, Boris P Zolotarev, Igor M Varentsov, L I Bogolyubova & V V Eremeev
The monograph gives results of studies of sediments and rocks collected from D/S Glomar Challenger in the Pacific Ocean. These studies have been based on the lithological facial analysis applied for the first time for identificating genesis of ocean sediments. These results include new ideas on formation of the Earth's sedimentary cover and can be used for constructing regional and global schemes of ocean paleogeography, reconstructing some structures, correlating sedimentation on continents and in oceans,...
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