Strontium measurements and sea surface temperatures of corals from Xisha Island, South China Sea, supplement to: Sun, Yali; Sun, Min; Wei, Gangjian; Lee, Typhoon; Nie, Baofu; Yu, Zhiwei (2004): Strontium contents of a Porites coral from Xisha Island, South China Sea: A proxy for sea-surface temperature of the 20th century. Paleoceanography, 19, PA2004

Yali Sun, Min Sun, Gangjian Wei, Typhoon Lee, Baofu Nie & Zhiwei Yu
A Porites coral collected from Xisha Island, South China Sea, represents a skeleton secreted in the period from 1906 to 1994. The Sr contents of the coral vary linearly with the instrument-measured sea-surface temperature (SST), giving a Sr thermometer: SST = -1.9658 x Sr + 193.26. The reconstructed SST data show that the late 20th century was warmer (about 1°C) than the early 20th century and that two cooling (1915/1916 and 1947/1948) and three warming...
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