Susceptibility, conductivity and porosity along a GEM-SHARK profile, supplement to: Rey, Daniel; Müller, Hendrik; Rubio, Belen; von Dobeneck, Tilo; Vilas, F; Hilgenfeldt, Christian; Bernabeu, A; Frederichs, Thomas; Fernández, S; Mohamed, Kais J; Grupo GEOMA (2008): Using electromagnetic sensors to estimate physical properties and environmental quality of surface sediments in the marine environment. Preliminary results. Geotemas, 10, 652-654

Hendrik Müller, Belen Rubio, Tilo von Dobeneck, F Vilas, Christian Hilgenfeldt, A Bernabeu, Thomas Frederichs, S Fernández, Kais J Mohamed &
The coastal systems, are often subjected to high anthropogenic pressure, which makes it necessary to develop new techniques to assess the environmental impacts caused by such human activity. This paper presents the first results obtained during the development and implementation of a new equipment of submarine geophysics survey oriented to integrated coastal zone management (ICZM). It is based on the drag of a submarine in contact with the sea-bottom. The submarine is equipped with an...
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