Age models for ODP Leg 172 sites, supplement to: Gruetzner, Jens; Giosan, Liviu; Franz, Sven-Oliver; Tiedemann, Ralf; Cortijo, Elsa; Chaisson, William P; Flood, Roger D; Hagen, Sveinung; Keigwin, Lloyd D; Poli, Maria-Serena; Rio, Domenico; Williams, Trevor (2002): Astronomical age models for Pleistocene drift sediments from the western North Atlantic (ODP Sites 1055-1063). Marine Geology, 189(1-2), 5-23

Jens Gruetzner, Liviu Giosan, Sven-Oliver Franz, Ralf Tiedemann, Elsa Cortijo, William P Chaisson, Roger D Flood, Sveinung Hagen, Lloyd D Keigwin, Maria-Serena Poli, Domenico Rio & T Williams
Ten ODP sites drilled in a depth transect (2164-4775 m water depth) during Leg 172 recovered high-deposition rate (>20 cm/kyr) sedimentary sections from sediment drifts in the western North Atlantic. For each site an age model covering the past 0.8-0.9 Ma has been developed. The time scales have a resolution of 10-20 kyr and are derived by tuning variations of estimated carbonate content to the orbital parameters precession and obliquity. Based on the similarity in...
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