(Table 1) Facies classification for ODP Site 174-1072, supplement to: McHugh, Cecilia M G; Olson, Hilary C (2002): Pleistocene chronology of continental margin sedimentation: New insights into traditional models, New Jersey. Marine Geology, 186(3-4), 389-411

Cecilia M G McHugh & Hilary C Olson
Commonly accepted models for the evolution of continental margins link sediment erosion, transport and deposition to eustasy. To test these models, we constructed an oxygen isotope record from 520 m of Pleistocene sediment recovered by the Ocean Drilling Program Leg 174A from the New Jersey continental slope. The delta18O record was calibrated to SPECMAP oxygen isotope time scale [Imbrie et al. (1984), in: Berger et al. (Eds.), Milankovitch and Climate, 269-305] with radiocarbon ages, nannoplankton...
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