Sea-surface temperature reconstruction in the Southwest Pacific, supplement to: Hayward, Bruce W; Scott, George H; Crundwell, Martin P; Kennett, James P; Carter, Lionel; Neil, Helen L; Sabaa, Ashwaq T; Wilson, Kate; Rodger, J Stuart; Schaefer, Grace; Grenfell, Hugh R; Li, Qianyu (2008): The effect of submerged plateaux on Pleistocene gyral circulation and sea-surface temperatures in the Southwest Pacific. Global and Planetary Change, 63(4), 309-316

Bruce W Hayward, George H Scott, Martin P Crundwell, James P Kennett, Lionel Carter, Helen L Neil, Ashwaq T Sabaa, Kate Wilson, J Stuart Rodger, Grace Schaefer, Hugh R Grenfell & Qianyu Li
Uniquely in the Southern Hemisphere the New Zealand micro-continent spans the interface between a subtropical gyre and the Subantarctic Circumpolar Current. Its 20° latitudinal extent includes a complex of submerged plateaux, ridges, saddles and basins which, in the present interglacial, are partial barriers to circulation and steer the Subtropical (STF) and Subantarctic (SAF) fronts. This configuration offers a singular opportunity to assess the influence of bottom topography on oceanic circulation through Pleistocene glacial - interglacial...
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