Sulfur speciation and isotopic composition in waters and sediments from river and seawater mixing zones, supplement to: Liu, Lei; Volkov, Igor I; Strizhov, Valentin P (1996): Sulfur compounds in water and sediments in sea and river waters mixing zones. Oceanology, 35(5), 623-629

Lei Liu, Igor I Volkov & Valentin P Strizhov
Studies of sulfur behavior in the water column and in sediments in river and seawater mixing zone were conducted in three areas of the Black and Azov Seas. These investigations showed constancy of sulfate concentrations versus chlorinity. Sulfur isotope composition in sulfates of surface, bottom, and pore waters depended on sulfate contents and salinity. The dependence was complicated by partial sulfate depletion in pore water due to bacterial sulfate reduction and also by alteration of...
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