Clay mineralogy of ODP Site 188-1165, supplement to: Junttila, Juho; Ruikka, Marttiina; Strand, Kari O (2005): Clay-mineral assemblages in high-resolution Plio-Pleistocene interval at ODP Site 1165, Prydz Bay, Antarctica. Global and Planetary Change, 45(1-3), 151-163

Juho Junttila, Marttiina Ruikka & Kari O Strand
The Ocean Drilling Program Leg 188 Site 1165 was drilled on the Wild Drift on the Continental Rise off Prydz Bay, East Antarctica to a total depth of 999.1 meters below seafloor (mbsf). It recovered an extensive suite of terrigenous and hemipelagic sediments of early Miocene to Pleistocene age. Of special interest in this study is the sediment column between 0 and 50 mbsf, which consists of a well-preserved section of Pliocene-Pleistocene-age sediments that was...
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