Stable carbon and oxygen isotope ratios of foraminifera and organic carbon of ODP Hole 188-1167A (Table 2), supplement to: Theissen, Kevin M; Dunbar, Robert G; Cooper, Alan K; Mucciarone, David A; Hoffmann, Dirk L (2003): The Pleistocene evolution of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet in the Prydz bay region: stable isotopic evidence from ODP Site 1167. Global and Planetary Change, 39(3-4), 227-256

Kevin M Theissen, Robert G Dunbar, Alan K Cooper, David A Mucciarone & Dirk L Hoffmann
Ocean Drilling Program Leg 188, Prydz Bay, East Antarctica is part of a larger initiative to explore the Cenozoic history of the Antarctic Ice Sheet through direct drilling and sampling of the continental margins. In this paper, we present stable isotopic results from Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Site 1167 located on the Prydz Channel Trough Mouth Fan (TMF), the first Antarctic TMF to be drilled. The foraminifer-based d18O record is interpreted along with sedimentary and...
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