Linear sedimentation rates and mass accumulation rates of detritus and Kosa of ODP Site 127-797 (Table 1), supplement to: Irino, Tomohisa; Tada, Ryuji (2002): High-resolution reconstruction of variation in aeolian dust (Kosa) deposition at ODP site 797, the Japan Sea, during the last 200 ka. Global and Planetary Change, 35(1-2), 143-156

Tomohisa Irino & Ryuji Tada
In order to reconstruct past variations in the east Asian monsoon and to establish a direct link between terrestrial and marine climatic records, we evaluated the temporal variation in aeolian dust (Kosa or yellow sand) flux to the Japan Sea using the late Quaternary hemipelagic sediments in the sea. Contributions of four detrital subcomponents, identified by Irino and Tada (2000, datasets: doi:10.1594/PANGAEA.726855) as Kosa derived from 'typical' loess, Kosa from 'weathered' loess and fine and...
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