Carbonate and terrigenous content and chemical composition of sediments in the Central Equatorial Pacific, supplement to: Murray, Richard W; Knowlton, Christopher; Leinen, Margaret W; Mix, Alan C; Polsky, CH (2000): Export production and terrigenous matter in the Central Equatorial Pacific Ocean during interglacial oxygen isotope Stage 11. Global and Planetary Change, 24(1), 59-78

Richard W Murray, Christopher Knowlton, Margaret W Leinen, Alan C Mix & CH Polsky
This study addresses changes in the absolute magnitude and spatial geometry of particle flux and export production in a meridional transect across the central equatorial Pacific Ocean's upwelling system during oxygen isotope Stage 11 and Stage 12 and compares these time periods to the current Holocene interglacial system. Temporal and spatial variability in several chemical proxies of export production, and in particular the distributions of Ba, scavenged Al, and P, are studied in a suite...
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