Stable oxygen and carbon isotope record of foraminifera of ODP SIte 184-1146, supplement to: Clemens, Steven C; Prell, Warren L (2003): Data Report: Oxygen and carbon isotopes from Site 1146, northern South China Sea. In: Prell, W.L., Wang, P., Blum, P., Rea, D.K., Clemens, S.C. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 184, 1-8

Steven C Clemens & Warren L Prell
Ocean Drilling Program Site 1146 was drilled within a small rift basin on the midcontinental slope of the northern South China Sea. It is located at 19°27.4'N, 116°16.37'E, in 2092 m water depth. This site was drilled to recover records of Asian monsoon variability into the middle Miocene with temporal resolution sufficient for orbital-scale analyses. Here we present oxygen and carbon isotopic measurements of planktonic foraminifers (Globigerinoides ruber) and benthic foraminifers (Uvigerina peregrina and Cibicides...
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