Age determination of sediment cores of the California Current System, supplement to: Yamamoto, Masanobu; Yamamuro, Masumi; Tanaka, Yuichiro (2007): The California current system during the last 136,000 years: response of the North Pacific High to precessional forcing. Quaternary Science Reviews, 26(3-4), 405-414

Masanobu Yamamoto, Masumi Yamamuro & Yuichiro Tanaka
Alkenone sea surface temperature (SST) records were generated from the Ocean Drilling Program's (ODP) Sites 1014 and 1016 to examine the response of the California Current System to global climate change during the last 136 ka. The temperature differences between these sites (Delta SST(NEP)=SST(ODP1014)-SST(ODP1016)) reflected the intensity of the California Current and varied between 0.4 and 6.1 °C. A high Delta SST(NEP) (weaker California Current) was found for late marine isotope stage (MIS) 2 and...
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