Composition of Quaternary and Neogene-Quaternary sedimentary rocks from the Black Sea, supplement to: Shimkus, Kazimir M (2005): Processes of Sedimentation in the Mediterranean and Black Seas in the Late Cenozoic. Scientific World Publ. (Moscow); Lisitzin, A.P. and Emel'yanov, E.M. (eds.), 280 pp

Kazimir M Shimkus
Processes of sedimentation in marine basins locating in the area of interaction of the largest continental plates (African and Eurasian) are under consideration in the book. During the giant tectonic reconstruction of the Tethys Ocean semi-enclosed seas - the Mediterranean and Black originated. Their sedimentary sequence contains a recording of complex history of the Alpine-Himalayan belt. The dramatic history of the seas and their feeding catchments during Cenozoic is described in detail on the base...
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