Chemical composition of rocks and minerals from DSDP holes, supplement to: Bogatikov, Oleg A; Dmitriev, Yuri I (1984): Formation types of Pacific basalts. In: Bogdanov, N.A. and Pushcharovsky, Yu.M. (eds.), Geology of the Ocean Floor and Deep Sea Scientific Drilling; Nauka Publ. (Moscow): in Russian, 91-102

Oleg A Bogatikov & Yuri I Dmitriev
The book summarizes materials obtained by Soviet scientists during participation in legs of D/S Glomar Challenger and in post-cruise studies. Results on stratigraphy and lithology of the sedimentary cover, petrography and geochemistry of magmatic rocks of the oceanic crust are discussed in the book. A modern analysis of the geophysical structure of the oceanic crust and of the tectonic structure of the ocean floor is given.
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