Stable isotope record and lithic fragments distribution in sediments of MIS9-14 of the North Atlantic, supplement to: Voelker, Antje H L; Rodrigues, Teresa; Billups, Katharina; Oppo, Delia W; McManus, Jerry F; Stein, Ruediger; Hefter, Jens; Grimalt, Joan O (2010): Variations in mid-latitude North Atlantic surface water properties during the mid-Brunhes (MIS 9-14) and their implications for the thermohaline circulation. Climate of the Past, 6(4), 531-552

Antje H L Voelker, Teresa Rodrigues, Katharina Billups, Delia W Oppo, Jerry F McManus, Ruediger Stein, Jens Hefter & Joan O Grimalt
Stable isotope and ice-rafted debris records from three core sites in the mid-latitude North Atlantic (IODP Site U1313, MD01-2446, MD03-2699) are combined with records of ODP Sites 1056/1058 and 980 to reconstruct hydrographic conditions during the middle Pleistocene spanning Marine Isotope Stages (MIS) 9-14 (300-540 ka). Core MD03-2699 is the first high-resolution mid-Brunhes record from the North Atlantic's eastern boundary upwelling system covering the complete MIS 11c interval and MIS 13. The array of sites...
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