U and Th concentrations and U-TH ages for bulk carbonate samples from ODP Hole 166-1008A (Table 1), supplement to: Henderson, Gideon M; Robinson, Laura F; Cox, Katharine; Thomas, Alexander L (2006): Recognition of non-Milankovitch sea-level highstands at 185 and 343 thousand years ago from U–Th dating of Bahamas sediment. Quaternary Science Reviews, 25(23-24), 3346-3358

Gideon M Henderson, Laura F Robinson, Katharine Cox & Alexander L Thomas
Thirty-one new bulk-sediment U–Th dates are presented, together with an improved d18O stratigraphy, for ODP Site 1008A on the slopes of the Bahamas Banks. These ages supplement and extend those from previous studies and provide constraints on the timing of sea-level highstands associated with marine isotope stages (MIS) 7 and 9. Ages are screened for reliability based on their initial U and Th isotope ratios, and on the aragonite fraction of the sediment. Twelve 'reliable'...
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