Planktonic foraminifera and stable isotope record of ODP Site 162-980, supplement to: Oppo, Delia W; McManus, Jerry F; Cullen, James L (2006): Evolution and demise of the Last Interglacial warmth in the subpolar North Atlantic. Quaternary Science Reviews, 25(23-24), 3268-3277

Delia W Oppo, Jerry F McManus & James L Cullen
Detailed faunal, isotopic, and lithic marine records provide new insight into the stability and climate progression of the last interglacial period, Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 5, which peaked approximately 125,000 years ago. In the eastern subpolar North Atlantic, at the latitude of Ireland, interglacial warmth of the ice volume minimum of substage 5e (MIS 5e) lasted ~10,000 years (10 ka) and its demise occurred in two cooling steps. The first cooling step marked the end...
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