Age determination of ODP Site 165-1002, supplement to: Hughen, Konrad A; Southon, John R; Lehmann, Scott J; Bertrand, Chanda J H; Turnbull, J (2006): Marine-derived 14C calibration and activity record for the past 50,000 years updated from the Cariaco Basin. Quaternary Science Reviews, 25(23-24), 3216-3227

Konrad A Hughen, John R Southon, Scott J Lehmann, Chanda J H Bertrand & J Turnbull
An expanded Cariaco Basin 14C chronology is tied to 230Th-dated Hulu Cave speleothem records in order to provide detailed marine-based 14C calibration for the past 50,000 years. The revised, high-resolution Cariaco 14C calibration record agrees well with data from 230Th-dated fossil corals back to 33 ka, with continued agreement despite increased scatter back to 50 ka, suggesting that the record provides accurate calibration back to the limits of radiocarbon dating. The calibration data document highly...
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