Isotope and Mg/Ca measurements from Cores ME0005A-43JC and 202-1242 of tropical Pacific, supplement to: Benway, Heather M; Mix, Alan C; Haley, Brian A; Klinkhammer, Gary P (2006): Eastern Pacific Warm Pool paleosalinity and climate variability: 0-30 kyr. Paleoceanography, 21(3), PA3008

Heather M Benway, Alan C Mix, Brian A Haley & Gary P Klinkhammer
Multiproxy geologic records of d18O and Mg/Ca in fossil foraminifera from sediments under the Eastern Pacific Warm Pool (EPWP) region west of Central America document variations in upper ocean temperature, pycnocline strength, and salinity (i.e., net precipitation) over the past 30 kyr. Although evident in the paleotemperature record, there is no glacial-interglacial difference in paleosalinity, suggesting that tropical hydrologic changes do not respond passively to high-latitude ice sheets and oceans. Millennial variations in paleosalinity with...
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