(Appendix) Oxygen isotope record and carbonate mineralogy of the top part of ODP Hole 101-633A, supplement to: Droxler, André W; Bruce, Christopher H; Sager, William W; Watkins, David H (1988): Pliocene-Pleistocene variations in aragonite content and planktonic oxygen-isotope record in bahamian periplatform ooze, Hole 633A. In: Austin, JA Jr.; Schlager, W; et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program, Scientific Results, College Station, TX (Ocean Drilling Program), 101, 221-244

André W Droxler, Christopher H Bruce, William W Sager & David H Watkins
Hole 633A was drilled in the southern part of Exuma Sound on the toe-of-slope of the southeastern part of Great Bahama Bank during ODP Leg 101. The top 55 m, collected as a suite of six approximately 9.5-m-long hydraulic piston cores, represents a Pliocene-Pleistocene sequence of periplatform carbonate ooze, a mixture of pelagic calcite (foraminifer and coccolith tests), some pelagic aragonite (pteropod tests), and bank-derived fine aragonite and magnesian calcite. A 1.6-m.y.-long hiatus was identified...
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