Benthic foraminifera abundance in ODP Leg 155 holes, supplement to: Maslin, Mark A; Vilela, Naja; Mikkelsen, Naja; Grootes, Pieter Meiert (2005): Causes of catastrophic sediment failures of the Amazon Fan. Quaternary Science Reviews, 24(20-21), 2180-2193

Mark A Maslin, Naja Vilela, Naja Mikkelsen & Pieter Meiert Grootes
The general Pleistocene architecture of the Amazon Fan has been reconstructed using sediment recovered by Ocean Drilling Program Leg 155. Huge regional mass-transport deposits (MTDs) make up a significant component of the Amazon Fan. These deposits each cover an area over 15,000 km**2 (approximately the size of Jamaica), reach a maximum thickness of 200 m, and consist of ~5000 Gt of sediment. Benthic foraminiferal fauna analysis and sedimentology indicate that the MTDs originated on the...
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