Age determination of sediments of Site LO09-14 (Table 1), supplement to: Andersen, Catherine; Koç, Nalân; Moros, Matthias (2004): A highly unstable Holocene climate in the subpolar North Atlantic: evidence from diatoms. Quaternary Science Reviews, 23(20-22), 2155-2166

Catherine Andersen, Nalân Koç & Matthias Moros
A composite record (LO09-14) of three sediment cores from the subpolar North Atlantic (Reykjanes Ridge) was investigated in order to assess surface ocean variability during the last 11 kyr. The core site is today partly under the influence of the Irminger Current (IC), a branch of the North Atlantic Drift continuing northwestward around Iceland. However, it is also proximal to the Sub-Arctic Front (SAF) that may cause extra dynamic hydrographic conditions. We used statistical methods...
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