Helium isotope record, CaCO3 concentration and accumulation rate of ODP Site 138-849 (Table 2), supplement to: Winckler, Gisela; Anderson, Robert F; Stute, Martin; Schlosser, Peter (2004): Does interplanetary dust control 100 kyr glacial cycles? Quaternary Science Reviews, 23(18-19), 1873-1878

Gisela Winckler, Robert F Anderson, Martin Stute & Peter Schlosser
The cause of the 100 kyr glacial–interglacial cycles during the past 800 kyr is one of the fundamental puzzles in paleoclimatology. The widely accepted Milankovitch theory, relating earth's climate cycles to variations in insolation caused by periodic changes in orbital parameters, has difficulties to explain the predominant 100 kyr rhythm. Although earth's eccentricity varies with a period of 100 kyr, the resulting change in insolation is too small to produce the corresponding climate cycle by...
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