Age determination of ODP sites 169-1033 and 169-1034, supplement to: Blais-Stevens, A; Clague, John J; Mathewes, Rolf W; Hebda, R J; Bornhold, Brian D (2003): Record of large, Late Pleistocene outburst floods preserved in Saanich Inlet sediments, Vancouver Island, Canada. Quaternary Science Reviews, 22(21-22), 2327-2334

A Blais-Stevens, John J Clague, Rolf W Mathewes, R J Hebda & Brian D Bornhold
Two anomalous, gray, silty clay beds are present in ODP cores collected from Saanich Inlet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The beds, which date to about 10,500 14C yr BP (11,000 calendar years BP), contain Tertiary pollen derived from sedimentary rocks found only in the Fraser Lowland, on the mainland of British Columbia and Washington just east of the Strait of Georgia. Abundant illite-muscovite in the sediments supports a Fraser Lowland provenance.The clay beds are...
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